Calculate Sample Size Based on Precision

n_risk_difference() n_risk_ratio() n_rate_difference() n_rate_ratio() n_odds_ratio()

Estimate sample size based on precision of a measure

Calculate Precision Based on Sample Size

precision_risk_difference() precision_risk_ratio() precision_rate_difference() precision_rate_ratio() precision_odds_ratio()

Estimate precision of a measure based on sample size

Calculate Sample Size Based on Upper Limit Probability

upper_risk_difference() upper_risk_ratio() upper_rate_difference() upper_rate_ratio() upper_odds_ratio()

Estimate sample size based on probability that upper limit is below level of concern.

Map and Plot Multiple Estimates


Calculate with precisely functions across values

plot_sample_size() plot_precision() plot_upper_limit()

Plot precisely


Minimalist themes for precision plots

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